Custom 3D Printing Solutions 3 Dimension Design provides rapid prototyping, 3D printing, and 3D modeling design services.

3Dimension Design :. Providing Custom 3D Printing Solutions to the Knoxville, Tennessee Area
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About 3Dimension Design

Why 3 Dimensional Modeling?

3 Dimension Design focuses on providing affordable prototypes, scaled models and product design services to our clients. The services 3 Dimension Design provides can be used by the engineer needing design verification, the inventor in need of a prototype to secure funding, or the architect desiring to bring a design to life. Three dimensional models can be used in many ways. For more specific examples of who can benefit from our services, click here. Traditionally models have been costly and time consuming to create, but 3 Dimension Design strives to put those days to rest. We provide straight-forward pricing without hidden costs or fees and work hard to stretch your budget. If you already have a digital model to be printed, simply use the table to the right to estimate your cost. If your project requires a 3D model and you donít have one, we offer design services at very competitive hourly rates. For more information on our pricing structure, click here.

  • Cost Effective Prototyping
  • Creative 3D Modeling
  • Time Saving 3D Printing
  • Valued Client Relationships